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NFT & Crypto Whale Tracking

Get real time alerts when NFT & Crypto Whales are buying, selling, minting, or sweeping.


What We Track

Save time with instant notications on the following


When a Whale buys an NFT or Token


When a Whale sells an NFT or Token


When a Whale mints a new NFT


When a Whale sweeps NFTs through another platform

Unlock Additional Features

Captain's Club

  • Upgraded Bots

    The Captain's Club bots report information within 60s of the actions which is up to 10x faster than the free version.

  • Additional Features

    Unlock mobile push notifications, customized notification settings, additional whale channels, giveaways, whitelists, and more!

  • Private Discord Channels

    Captain's Club Boarding Pass holders unlock private discord channels where all holders can discuss the alerts and share information.

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Our Captain's Club Boarding Pass is available on OpenSea

Faster Alerts - Whale Buying/Selling alerts up to 10x faster than the free channels

Minting Alerts - Get alerts when a whale mint's something. Not available in the free channels.

Sweep Alerts - Get alerts when a whale is sweeping a collection using tools like Genie and Gem.

Push Notifications - Get push notifications on your mobile device when a whale is buying/selling/minting/sweeping.

Additional Whales - More Whale channels are displayed.

Private Discord Channels - Unlock additional chats only available to pass holders.

ERC20 Token Tracking - Unlock additional Whale channels tracking the buying/selling of ERC20 tokens.

Custom Settings - Toggle on/off the types of alerts that you want to receive.

"Fake Mint" Protection - This filters out any NFTs that show as "Minted" on sites like OpenSea when the whale didn't actually trigger the transaction themselves. Keep safe!

Giveback Giveaways - Eligible for giveaways

Head over to the #upgrade channel on discord. Then follow the steps to connect your wallet with the Captain's Club Boarding Pass with CollabLand. Once connected, you will be upgraded to the Captain's Club role and will get access to the features/benefits.

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